The Original Notablog

by Steven J. Owens (unless otherwise attributed)

Recently I've noticed several other sites using the name "notablog" besides the original:

Notablog has been around for, well, a while. The static pages were there earlier, of course, but the earliest file modification date I can find is Dec 14 2003, which is when I hacked up the notablog formatting system. I actually got the cgi scripts to some state of "done" ness and put it up for download on Dec 26, 2003. The Internet Wayback Machine first noticed the site in June, 2004:

Check out the for

Googling turns up four other notablogs that have turned up recently:

They all post-date, but they all look like pretty cool people and I'm just as happy to have the notablog meme spread. (Well, I have no idea what is about, though he does seem to be into ubuntu, so that's a good sign; as for Sciabarra, well, he's a big American Idol fan and Ann Rand fan, but at least he seems to be pretty passionate and articulate about what he believes in, even if his politics and taste don't agree with mine.)

See original (unformatted) article


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