Tomcat Administrator Cheatsheet

by Steven J. Owens (unless otherwise attributed)

Although -- of course -- it's better to truly understand what a server application is about, from the point of view of a sysadmin who mostly dealing with apps like Tomcat from the outside, there are a set of key details that tend to be buried in and spread out across various docs.

This cheat sheet is an attempt to summarize these key details and make it easier for you to use other documentation. It's not a replacement for the jarkarta Tomcat documentation, or even better, Jason Brittain's Tomcat: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Ediition from O'Reilly.

In a separate tutorial, I describe each specific area or topic, and give links to more in-depth resources:

I have these ordered "from the outside in", i.e. first the downloads/installs you'll need, second the environment variables, then internal directories, ports used, etc.

Note: Someday I need to update this cheatsheet to describe the differences between standard tomcat and the debian/ubuntu tomcats. Until then, check out the jumpstart version, which has links to some useful pages about ubuntu and debian.

Cheat Sheet

The End

For more in-depth info on the above, check out

See original (unformatted) article


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