Java Web App Development Overview

by Steven J. Owens (unless otherwise attributed)


I've tackled this topic a couple of times before. This time I'm taking a slightly different approach, breaking it down into much smaller, more discrete topics, that are easier for people to sample or use as answers to relatively specific questions.

For now I'm just going to list each of the entries here.

What Is A Webapp What is J2EE The Servlet Engine The Servlet Framework Classpaths and Classloaders The Web Application Model Inside HTTP Browser State

You may also find these useful:

Tomcat Admin Jumpstart Tomcat Admin Cheatsheet

Also, some random bits that might be helpful:

Writing a Servlet Filter to set NoCache Headers Caching, No-Caching and Redirection Http Post In Java EJB vs. JavaBeans
See original (unformatted) article


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